The energy transition can’t happen without lithium. It is crucial to electric vehicle (EV) growth and the shift to a low-carbon economy. As lithium’s critical role in the energy transition market comes into sharper focus, confidence in supply falters.

Could a lithium supply crunch derail progress towards net zero? Many issues inform supply-demand balances, from restarting production now to investing in new sources of supply against the backdrop of ESG concerns. Amidst the many concerns about these issues, we provide a pragmatic view of the future for this market. 

Our report will give you deeper insights into: 

  • How EV demand is pulling on lithium supply
  • Price, market, policy, and hedging signals that help planners, policymakers and investors make sense of a noisy, opaque market
  • Supply dynamics for 2021-2025
  • Existing and planned projects that will impact supply between 2025-2030
    The new supply that needs to come online to deliver 2 million tonnes per year

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Why there’s still time to avoid a lithium supply crunch

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