The green revolution is coming to change the entire steelmaking landscape. 

Can the steel industry survive the estimated $1 trillion investment needed to reduce CO2 emissions by 2050? 

Our latest report gives an impartial view of the accelerated green transition and the effect on raw material demand, production costs and trade opportunities. 

Get your free copy of 'The true price of green steel' with expert insights from Fastmarkets' Alistair Ramsay -head of research, Thorsten Schier - North America steel and ferrous scrap editor, Andrew Wells - global steel editor and steel pricing director, Paul Lim - Asia steel editor, and Ross Yeo - steel editor covering Turkey, CIS and EMEA. 

Expert analysis included in this report:

  • Record-high prices and massive margins for steelmakers – is the bubble about to burst?

  • Can the renewed focus on infrastructure accelerate the green transition while supporting employment and economic growth?  

  • The rise of the EAF and the impact on trade and raw material prices – have we reached a tipping point? 

  • Are we entering a new scrap supercycle or a race for domestic sovereignty?

Exclusive charts included:

  • Spot market spreads for HRC forecasted to 2030

  • Global EAF growth rate forecasted to 2030

  • And much more...

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The true price 

of green steel

How decarbonization will squeeze steel margins and create competition for raw materials and scrap 

Green steel and its impact on related markets will be an international focus for the foreseeable future. Stay up-to-date with critical market movements.

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