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The American Jobs Plan and metals demand

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analyzing the impact of President Joe Biden's $2 trillion American Jobs Plan on the US metals market.

President Joe Biden introduced his $2 trillion American Jobs Plan, focusing on traditional infrastructure, jobs, and community developments on March 31. What sets it apart from previous infrastructure plans is its focus on the environment and future technologies; the transition to a lower-carbon economy is at its heart. 

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  • Forecasted steel demand throughout the plan for traditional infrastructure 
  • How social and green initiatives will drive additional 10 million net tons of steel demand
  • Estimated demand growth for US refined copper over the next five years 
  • And much more
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Our team of experts Will Adams, Amy Bennett, Andy Farida, Alex Harrison, Kim Leppold, Alistair Ramsay, and Thorsten Schier uncovers the possible demand implications for steel and non-ferrous metals in the US market.

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