Global and regional environmental policy will become the most important driver of steel prices, capital investment & trade in the North American steel market over the next 10 years.

US steel companies must make substantial strategic investments at the international level to secure the best possible pricing conditions.

Fastmarkets consultancy can help your organization tailor a strategic roadmap, supported by extensive steel and steel raw material market and price data.

Whether you are developing a brand new plan for your business or need a little extra support refining your existing strategy – let us help you navigate the challenges and sail easily to the opportunities.

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The Fastmarkets consulting team can provide specialist research expertise and deep market knowledge, helping you to optimize pricing, reduce costs and meet long-term strategic goals. Fastmarkets Consulting operates separately from our Editorial and Pricing functions.

This service will help you:

  • Optimize trading and performance evaluation of product pricing and valuation, arbitrage opportunities, and commodity procurement.
  • Independently structure, analyze and support investment and market appraisal projects for both internal and external financial and investor-related stakeholders 
  • Create winning strategic decision support and commercial operating models based on comprehensive real-world market data and in-house expertise in supporting existing and new market/product penetration, anticipating current and future customer demands, benchmarking vs competitors and driving overall profitability growth. 
  • Identify and assess the impact of value chain disruptions e.g. environmental legislation, trade policy, material substitution

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Whether you are just starting out or established in your market, looking for new opportunities or already planning a project, consultancy services can help.

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Plan today for the sustainable future of the North American steel market

Recent steel and scrap supplier consolidation has raised competitive tension in the US flat product sector, propelled by customer demands for higher-grade steel requirements, ‘green’ economy product applications and government fiscal stimulus to come. 

  • North American steel demand is set to grow 0.6% CAGR compared to a 14% year-on-year decline in 2020.   
  • Because of decarbonization, in the US we forecast ~ 9m tpy of total BF/BOF capacity to be closed but an additional ~19m tonnes of new EAF capacity earmarked - majority to be flat steel products.
  • This will significantly alter the US metallics supply-demand balance out to 2030 to coincide with global steel industry trends affecting global scrap trade flows and pig iron/DRI/HBI availability. At current levels, there will be a significant global shortage of HQM’s (High-quality Metallics) out to 2030.

Fastmarkets consultancy for the US steel market

Our base case analysis has highlighted the easy gains. But finding that the required prime scrap, pig iron and DRI needed in the future will be difficult without further supply-side investments. Depending on where you are on the value chain this will present both opportunities and challenges ahead.

"The key question is where US steel companies will source HQM and at what cost?" 

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