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Cobalt risk management and futures

In this special cobalt market report, our battery raw materials experts examine how electric vehicle hype drove market instability. Get your copy to discover the anatomy of the cobalt crisis, whether cobalt price volatility is set to continue, and how market participants can protect themselves against it.    

Download your copy of the full six-page report, “Cobalt risk management and futures”. The report includes:

  • Cobalt market summary
  • Cobalt market outlook
  • Three use cases for cobalt futures

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Cobalt hydroxide payables range widens as liquidity improves 

Article | Sep 2020

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Snapshot of the cobalt hydroxide market from London and Shanghai for the week ending Friday September 11. 

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This cobalt market report was produced in collaboration with CME Group, the world's leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace.

Cobalt sulfate producers buy metal again after market reaches ‘inflection point’ 

Article | Aug 2020

Ample cobalt hydroxide availability and rising payables are allowing more refineries to top up their inventories once again.   

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Covid-19's impact on cobalt supply and trade flows

Infographic | Dec 2020

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Covid-19 has caused global distrupton - we outline the key information you need to understand the impact to the cobalt market

The cobalt market is sending out mixed signals for what the next few years will look like

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WEBINAR: How to manage price risk and volatility in the cobalt market

Cobalt prices have shown persistent volatility over the past five years.

In this webinar, our panel of market experts comes together to uncover the anatomy of the cobalt market; how the market has started to mature, and how market participants can protect themselves against its risk.

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Fastmarkets, CME Group launch cash-settled cobalt contract

Article | Nov 2020

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Fastmarkets has partnered with CME Group to launch a cash-settled cobalt contract to be against Fastmarkets’ daily benchmark cobalt price.

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