What happens to steel prices and demand in times of a global crisis?  

Our steel industry experts compare last year's global pandemic to what happened during the 2008 financial crisis.

We examine the similarities experienced by major steel-producing regions, North America, Europe, and Asia, during both eras.  

You will find a regional breakdown of events leading up to the 2009 crash and a guided outlook on what the future holds for steel prices and demand throughout 2021. This critical expert analysis will help you learn from the past to better prepare for the future. 

Get your copy to discover:

  • The differences between current market conditions and those experience in 2008-09  
  • Regional and global price movements including:
  • hot-rolled coil, rebar, ferrous scrap , and steelmaking raw materials before and, leading up to the collapse in 2009
  • How to safeguard against the two most discussed scenarios: 
    1. What happens if prices continue to rise throughout 2021? Or,

    2. Are we heading for a 2009-style crash?  
  • What are the current market signals, and why should you pay attention? 

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Echoes of 2008: 

Steel prices now and then