The next in our battery raw materials webinar series turns to Asia, where large investments in infrastructure are expected to lead to further increased energy storage capacity and electric vehicle (EV) demand.

 While the continent maintains a dominant position in the market, increasing pressure to create shorter, more sustainable supply chains could impact global and regional dynamics. 

 What does this mean for the global battery raw materials industry? Join us and a panel of industry experts to discuss: 

  • What are the current trends and drivers for battery raw materials prices? 

  • Will high battery raw materials prices have an impact on the preference of battery chemistries? 

  • With Tesla opting for LFP in their Model 3, what are the dominant chemistries being used by players in this market? 

  • What is the outlook for battery raw materials supply and demand? 

  • How will infrastructure spending impact battery raw material markets in this region? 

  • Will cuts to EV subsidies in China have any impact on prices?

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Asia's Position in the Battery Raw Materials Supply Chain

Thursday, April 1


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Susan Zou
Minors, Ores and Alloys Editor (Asia) at Fastmarkets

Susan is currently the editor for minors, ores & alloys team in Asia of Fastmarkets, in charge of the content and prices published from Fastmarkets Asian offices. She is now focusing on lithium Asian market recently. Prior to taking the editor role in October 2018, Susan had worked as senior pricing analyst since April 2018, and industry analyst since October 2016, mainly responsible for cobalt and aluminium raw materials pricing. Prior to that, Susan took a sales role at Fastmarkets.

Carrie Shi
Price Reporter at Fastmarkets

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Bruce Richardson
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Chairman at Anson Resources

Mr. Richardson has spent more than 30 years developing business opportunities in China and is fluent in Mandarin. He has held senior positions in industry and government. He has 16 years experience in the private sector having worked as General Manager of one of Australia’s blue chip companies in Shanghai. He also worked as General Manager of a UK-based company with production and marketing operations in China, and General Manager of a business consultancy company based in Beijing. 

Vicky Zhao
Senior Battery Materials Analyst China at Fastmarkets

Yingchi Yang
Pricing Analyst at Fastmarkets